July 2017

It’s a competitive world, and regardless of the industry that you work in, you need to take advantage of everything that can give you a competitive edge if you expect to be successful. QuickBooks Pro is one such tool that can help make your business more competitive. This accounting software is packed full of features that are directed toward helping users to manage all of their accounting activities more accurately and efficiently. Here’s why your employees should be well-trained on how to take advantage of all that QuickBooks has to offer.

Better Financial Management

One way that nearly every business could use to make itself more competitive in its market is to make better use of its revenue. QuickBooks was designed with business needs in mind, and as such it incorporates a wide range of tools to assist companies at managing their money better. For example, the program enables users to enter payment information and due dates for recurring bills. As the bills come due, checks can be printed directly from QuickBooks, and the transaction will be automatically recorded for easy access during future audits. Users have the convenience of being able to view all their financial records from a single screen, which eliminates the need for using paper statements, which can become misplaced or damaged.

Convenient Sales Invoicing

Manually invoicing sales can be quite time consuming and mistakes can be made. QuickBooks provides accurate sales tracking functions, and will create receipts and invoices automatically at the touch of a button. Users can select to send the invoices directly to the customer via email. QuickBooks also incorporates the option to bill in large batches for your convenience, such as when billing multiple customers for the same services rendered.

More Accurate Expense Billing

Many business rack up expenses that they later have to bill to their clients, ranging from small expenses such as meals or mileage, to larger expenses such as international travel. QuickBooks makes it easy for users to enter such expenses, regardless of their nature. When the user logs the information in, he’ll be allowed to assign them according to the job or client, which eliminates the need for the user to reconcile the expenses manually.

Timely Reporting

QuickBooks provides a wide variety of reports available for users to access at their convenience with the touch of a button, which can then be exported into a number of formats including Microsoft Excel, so they can be sent via email to relevant parties. Some of the reports that are available include: year-over-year forecasting, trends, expense, and income document. This eliminates the time consuming process of manually gathering the relevant information to import into a document. QuickBooks does it all for you!

Great User Interface

All the technology in the world doesn’t benefit anyone if it doesn’t make life more convenient. In every instance, the functions built into QuickBooks for the improvement of your company’s financial management, were done so with convenience and accuracy in mind. If a user has to spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to figure out how to enter or extract information from the system, then the system has failed. The QuickBooks interface is designed for ease of use and it includes a new user setup that provides a virtual orientation process to help your employees get familiar with some of the basic functions of the software. Most functions only require the single click of a button to use.

Why Total Corporate Learning Is Your Preferred Source For QuickBooks Instruction

The pros here at Total Corporate Learning make it easy for your employees to become proficient in the use of QuickBooks, so that they can take advantage of every feature that it offers. Their highly skilled trainers have years of experience training QuickBooks users on everything from basic functions, to the most advanced functions that QuickBooks has to offer. They can help your employees advance their level of expertise, so that your company can achieve its financial goals.

QuickBooks is the most widely used financial accounting software program in use in the United States today. It boasts an array of features designed to help your business achieve better success through improved financial management, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit card management, and financial reporting. Total Corporate Learning can help your company achieve greater financial success, by helping your employees to leverage all the benefits that QuickBooks has to offer – whether they are based locally in Vancouver, or in other parts of BC or Canada.  Check out our current course offerings right here.


June 2016

I truly believe that training is not a cost, but an investment. The following well known conversation highlights the importance of investing in employee training, which goes something like this:
Manager A asks “What if we spend money on training our employees and they leave?”   Manager B replies “What if we don’t and they stay?!”
Employee development is a critical part of your company. Properly trained employees can have a significant impact on sales and how clients perceive the quality of service provided by you. If staff members are not adequately trained, customer issues may take longer to resolve, thereby leading to client dissatisfaction. Therefore, managing the development of your staff is critical to the success of your company.



June 2016